The Four Types of Atheists

Hi Everyone!! Assalamu Alaikum! (May Peace Be upon You) I have come across a few atheists in this short life I have lived. And I have compiled them into four types. 1. The True Atheist This type of Atheist sincerely believes there is no God and believes in the theory of evolution that we all […]

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Islam and Modern Science

Hi Everyone!!

Assalamu Alaikum!! (May Peace Be Upon You)

I have noticed a new generation of atheists who treat Science as god, with many outspoken atheists fueling this movement.

It is understandable that to a thinking brain that their religion or beliefs seemed incompatible with modern science.

But, We as Muslims never had this issue. Our religion Islam gives the answers and also gives the answers to many things Science has still not discovered.

I could tell you everything but the list is very long:- The Big Bang Theory, Human Embryonic Development etc.

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The below video also gives an insight into scientific miracles of the Quran. Please watch

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