Why Girls Love Twilight?

Hi Everyone!

Assalamu Alaikum! (May Peace Be Upon You)

I remember when I was 17 years old, and the Twilight madness took over my all-girls school. Like any other teenager I read all the books.

The reason it appeals so much is because at the end of it all you have eternal life,  love, youth, beauty and a life with no worries at all . Isn’t that what all girls want? Isn’t that what everybody wants?

Funny thing is , this is what Islam promises to it’s believers in Paradise.

Well, that is why I am a Muslim. I really want to go to Paradise and enjoy those beautiful things.

That is why majority of people becoming Muslim are women.

Anyway, this is just my perspective.

When love doesn’t die and is guaranteed forever.

When death is not the end but a new beginning for a beautiful eternity

When Paradise is promised and it is true

It takes all the pain away when you know this life is temporary

When God is Most Merciful and Kind

And Promises you all the good things are yet to come

That will be the most successful day

When you meet your spouse in Paradise

And you can live happily together 

In a perfect piece of Forever ❤

Love you all ❤ ❤ ❤

Assalamu Alaikum(May Peace Be Upon You)


5 thoughts on “Why Girls Love Twilight?

  1. back in the days i listened to Linkin Park Fondly, and the 1st sequel of Twilight featured one of their songs, so i had to watch it. Now problem with movies like Twilight, they make girls live a life of fantasicies, they start dreaming something which can’t occur in reality. Yeah one of the meaning of Insan is ” the loving one ” so the heart will always have a void of love to fill in. and girls in their youth watching a person coming to rescue her they will want such a thing. Which creates problem for them when they face reality. and what they show in movies is exactly what we can have in Jannah but they show it that you can have it in this world. So for me Twilight was a total akkh tooh movie.
    and nice analogy btw.

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  2. Thats true 🙂 . Allah knows what the human heart wants so when I read the books it was like. Isn’t this what Allah promises in Paradise. Eternal youth and beauty.The twilight books glorify immortal life ,beauty and true love, that is why it is so popular .The description of Jannah in the Qur’an is far better than any hollywood movie ever produced. May Allah Bless us all with Jannah. Aameen 🙂

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  3. ummm Some part of it resembles the description of the jannah, but the way Jannah is described in Quran its way more beautiful than twilight .ok you can say its has love in it. but the story in future parts has two lovers fighting over one girl, i bet in jannah u won’t have to be fighting to get your patner. 2nd it has one kind of vampire saving the girl 2nd kind of vampire attacking the girl so fights in the movie.but what do we hear the description of jannah in Surah Waqia ” their words will be peace ” Qaloo Salamun Salama. so no fighting in Jannah .

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  4. True true 🙂 Actually the analogy was for the final chapter of the Breaking Dawn book of the blissful eternity the author talks about. You are right ofcourse, nothing compares to Jannah.

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  5. ohh, i only watched two parts and got bored from it. but many things people want can only be meet in jannah, i have heard songs like i wanna party young forever. such things are the themes of jannah. which was ur post (Y)

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