The Four Types of Atheists

Hi Everyone!!

Assalamu Alaikum! (May Peace Be upon You)

I have come across a few atheists in this short life I have lived. And I have compiled them into four types.

1. The True Atheist

This type of Atheist sincerely believes there is no God and believes in the theory of evolution that we all came from apes though, there is absolutely no proof of this. I would like to say if we all evolved from apes , there should be no apes left on the planet. They should all be humans by now.


As Muslims we do believe in evolution but the only evolution that ever took place was that the first man Prophet Adam was 30 feet tall and throughout the years , the height of men kept decreasing till now approx.6-7ft) and this will keep decreasing till the end of time when man will just be 4 feet ( This information is obtained from the sayings of Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him)).

2. The Emotional Atheist

This type of atheist used to believe in God. But, then he/she suffered from some emotional upheaval maybe a family member died or they see the poverty,death and destruction in the world and wonder if God is indeed there, all this wouldn’t happen.

I would like to explain this.

In Islam, God says this world is temporary and it was designed to test us for the Hereafter as to which one of us is good enough to attain Paradise. Allah will test us in our Health, Wealth, Our Self and all that is dear to us. So, we should believe in Him and Be Patient. Allah loves the patient , because when evil befalls a believer , he is patient and keeps his cool and says, Verily this is from my Lord, The Most High.

Allah describes Paradise in the Qur’an where all the believers will go. There will be no sickness, pain or ill-will there. No calls of nature, amazing food how much ever you eat you will never get fat, eternal youth, houses of gold and silver whose mortar is musk, rivers of milk and honey, the list is endless.

This life is temporary,death is a surety. So, follow the religion of God, Islam.

3. The Sinner Atheist

This atheist does not want to believe in God or religion because he cannot “enjoy”. He/she follows his lusts and desires drinking, gambling, fornicating, homosexuality etc. Well, this life is short. Throwing away your soul to the devil and wanting to spend an eternity in Hell-fire is not a wise choice. But, its your soul and your wish.

There are halal ways of enjoyment that is more happy and fulfilling.

4. The Confused Atheist

This type of atheist is confused about everything and has a lot of unanswered questions. This person doesn’t know what to believe and is constantly searching for the Truth.

I would suggest you read the Qur’an . It has the answers to all the questions of humanity. Here is the link of the English Translation

So, that is all everyone :).

Happy weekend!!!

Love you all ❤ ❤ ❤

Assalamu Alaikum!! (May Peace Be Upon You)


4 thoughts on “The Four Types of Atheists

  1. The image you have posted depicts a present-day chimpanzee to the left, and a present-day human to the right. The implication from this image is that humans have evolved from chimpanzees. That is not what evolutionary theory states. Evolutionary theory states (among other things) that humans and chimpanzees share a common ancestor and are, in a sense, ‘cousins’. In that context, the question of the ‘where are in-between species?’ becomes nonsensical. It would be like asking two (living) cousins ‘where are all your ancestors?’.

    I suggest that this image was not taken from any evolutionary textbook or peer-reviewed paper. I think it is likely it was drawn by a creationist as a deliberate misrepresentation of what evolutionary theory states, in order to deceive gullible people. Would you be so kind as to state the source of the image you have used?

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  2. Thank you for your wonderful comment 🙂 Evolution is a mere theory not an established fact. There are no available fossilized records that points to evolution ever happening. You say humans and chimpanzees share a ‘common’ ancestor. What is this common ancestor? Do you know? All mankind is from Adam and Eve. God says in the Qur’an : He made every living thing out of water. Please read my other post about Islam and Science.
    As for the source of this image : I don’t know. It was trending on Facebook and Instagram and I used it. Thank you for visiting my page :). Much love and peace ❤


  3. I think you may misunderstand the meaning of the word ‘theory’. A theory is a systematic and structured understanding of the facts. It is not a guess (that’s a hypothesis). A good example of this is when students at a music conservatorium learn the ‘theory of music’. This is not to say that we are unsure if there is such a thing as music. Rather, it is to say that we have a thorough understanding of music and how it works. A friend of mine who is a plumber had, as part of his training, a section called ‘theory of plumbing’. Again, the term ‘theory’ does not mean we are unsure if there is such a thing as plumbing. It is simply the collection and application of the facts belonging to the subject. The same applies to the ‘theory of evolution’. It is the systematic understanding of the facts. Otherwise, scientists would refer to it as a hypothesis.
    The evidence for a common ancestry between humans and other animals is overwhelmingly supported by DNA evidence which is widely published and available for anyone to read.

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  4. Thank you for your wonderful response :).
    I am a Muslim and a believer in God. It is your choice to believe in whatever you like. Science cannot explain everything, but God can because He is the Creator of all that which exists. Science cannot explain the concept of sleep, death or soul but Islam can.
    Science has still not found the purpose of the coccyx bone in the human body. But, God in the Qur’an says He created it and with that He will resurrect us all in the Day of Judgement where we will be accountable for all our deeds. This Life is not mere play with no purpose. God created us for a purpose. This life is a test for the hereafter. That is why there is something like death. If you think deeply everything needs a creator. We cannot say a mobile phone evolved from a metal blob. This universe is so much more complex. So , for it not to have a Creator is very absurd to me. Much peace and love to you ❤


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