99 Problems and Only one Solution

Nalaik Panda

Allah created Angels, Jin and Insan (ManKind) ,
Heavens and the earth, night and the day
following each other in Alternation
yet he called us The best of Creation
Iblees of fire got jealous
so he refused to do the Prostration
on that day he Promised to God
From now on leading us astray
will be his only Mission
To us God didn’t abandon
he sent down the Revelation,
with a promise of its Protection,
To save us from Devil’s Deception
With an Instruction,
To seek Allah’s refuge from Sheetan before Quran’ Recitation,
a Book without any contradiction,
One of its names is the Guidance
without it we are like a sailing ship with no directions
it will be silly not to memorize it,
since it says it is easy for the Memorization.
Warning us this world is only an Illusion,
so don’t get distracted,
it is only a mean…

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3 thoughts on “99 Problems and Only one Solution

  1. I know nothing of your religion but I would love to know and learn. I believe I should always be open to other people’s beliefs and can always learn something from others. I look forward to reading more of your bloggand learning. thank you for posting. Many blessing to you and yours. Michelle

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