Reflection of the Day

This world is like an organization. We all cannot be CEO’s but we are¬† to help each other in this world. Do not look down upon a street cleaner or beggar for Allah provides provision but help them. They maybe¬† dearer to Allah than you and that indeed, is the supreme success. Advertisements

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The Bad Muslim Apples

Hi Everyone!! Assalamu Alaikum!! (May Peace Be Upon You) So I am an international student studying here in the UK. After I came here I started reading British news. Well, I figured if I am residing here , its better to educate myself about the country and the general goings- on in the country. Then, […]

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The Great War

Hi Everyone!! Assalamu Alaikum!! (May Peace Be Upon You) There are soo many crazy things happening in the world around us that it is soo difficult to make sense of it. I mean political agendas, religious agenda etc. There is soo much war and religious holocaust that is going on now that it looks like […]

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