Shiaa Muslim?? Sunni Muslim?? Wahabi Muslim??

Hi Everyone!!

Assalamu Alaikum!! (May Peace Be Upon You) 🙂

I remember when I was a little kid going to school. One of the first questions I was asked when I was around 10 years old was whether I was Shiaa or Sunni Muslim. I remember at that time I was confused. I did not know what to say so I picked Sunni. I did not know what it meant.

Around 9th grade, Alhamdulillah I performed Umrah (pilgrimage to Makkah) with my family and that was when my dad bought for me the english translation of the noble Qur’an. I decided to read it completely when I go back to my country.

That was when I came across another term ‘Wahabi Muslims’, that most Saudis are Wahabis. Again, I did not know what it meant just another sect in Islam

A few years later I visited my hometown in India. there I came across many more sects. I was asked if I was Shafi or Hanafi or Hanbali etc. I said I am Muslim. Because I had read this hadith .That the Prophet(peace be upon him) said that his ummah will be divided into 73 sects and only one will enter paradise. When the Prophet was asked about the one sect that will go to paradise he said they are those that follow the Qur’an and the Messenger of Allah (pbuh).

Around 12th grade when I was 18 years old I was asked again whether I was Shiaa or Sunni by this girl in school when I was taking ablution for my afternoon prayers. I said I am Muslim that I believe in One God and His Messenger and follow Quran. I don’t belong to any sect. She said she doesn’t too. She is Muslim and that is all that mattered.

It made me so happy to hear that.

This is my sincere plea to all Muslims don’t put yourself into sects and divide yourselves. These sects were only created to follow lusts and desires. I heard the Ahmadiyya sect can drink alcohol but only in small quantities.What is this?!! This is not Islam.

I heard the Wahabi sect can have something called temporary marriages!! What is this?!! This is not Islam.

Then I heard about the Bohra and Shia sect. Please stop!! Come back to true Islam.

If someone asks you next time whether you are Shiaa or Sunni. Say you are MUSLIM.

Because thats what really matters at the end of the day. We are Muslims.

We follow One God and follow Prophet Muhammed(Peace Be Upon Him).

We are Muslims and One Ummah.

Please don’t divide yourselves and look down upon other muslims.

Help each other and be united for the sake of Allah ❤ ❤ ❤

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

Love you all ❤ ❤ ❤

Assalamu Alaikum(Peace Be Upon You)

May God Guide You!!


10 thoughts on “Shiaa Muslim?? Sunni Muslim?? Wahabi Muslim??

  1. I liked this post, a right and true message. Sects can never be perfect cox they are man made, follow Islam it is made by Allah, belonging to sects only promotoes violence and hatred for the other sects.Its insane and in Surah Al-Anam Allah talks about different kinds of punishments like rain ,flood, earthquakes, storms etc and then in the end he describes the worst kind of Punishment , it is division into sects and killing each other and then in 159 ayat Allah says Oh You Mohammad Pbuh you are not related to those who divide the religion into sect.
    i feel ashamed that i Live in Pakistan where in the ID card i have to mention a sect. which is totally wrong. May Allah unite this Ummah and guide this ummah.

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  2. Salam,

    My dear sister, bang on you just answered one of my biggest question (well almost) i have just one doubts which i hope you wont mind answering with your wonderful knowledge garnered over years.

    1. I never believed in sects but as far as i know it was shia and sunni two major sects from the starting, no??

    next there are few things i read in your blog which aren’t true, hope you dont mind being corrected cause knowledge is the base of Islam 🙂

    1. I guess it was 72 sects/firke as mentioned in hadees
    2. Ahmadis dont drink the only difference is they believe hazrat Mohd (s.a.w.) wasn’t the last messenger and there would be one more.
    3.Temp/contractual/limited-span marriage that’s in Jews called Muttah in Islam, its not for muslims

    That’s from my limited knowledge, Im happy to be corrected anyplace i am wrong, you are free to teach me.. If i have offended you, I am sorry about it; wasn’t even my ulterior motive.

    Allah Hafiz
    Bilal VOHRA

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  3. Walaikum Asalam!!
    InshaAllah I will answer to the best of my ability 🙂
    Shiaa and Sunni was not there in the lifetime of the Prophet(pbuh).
    The Prophet(pbuh) was neither Shiaa nor Sunni nor any other sect. This is the main fact. We should educate people that if they really love the Prophet(pbuh) and want to follow his teachings, they should not be a part of any sect.
    The two main sects Shiaa and Sunni came after 5th/6th caliphate after the Prophet(pbuh) death. The Ummah started disintegrating. The Shiaa started giving more importance to the grandchildren of the Prophet(pbuh) after their death and leaders that claimed to be their offspring.
    Allah did not bestow any sons for the Prophet(pbuh) because there should be no one to claim a part of his Prophethood.
    The Shiaa sect following their leader and praying only three times a day; this is completely wrong.
    The Prophet(pbuh) commanded his followers to pray five times a day so we should pray five times a day.
    About the first question, The Prophet(pbuh) said the Jews and Christians will be divided into 72 sects and His Ummah will be divided into 73 sects and only one sect will go to paradise and that sect is the one that believes in One God, The Quran and follows him as the Last and Final Messenger.

    About your second question: The Prophet(pbuh) himself said he is the Last and Final Messenger and there will be none after and that Prophet Isa coming is a sign of the coming of the Day of Judgement and he will defeat Dajjal and everybody will become Muslims and he will rule by the Quran during the final days before the end of the world

    About the second question I knew a girl from the Ahmadiyya sect who drank alcohol and said this to my sister that they are allowed to drink little but I am not sure. Believing Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) is the Last and Final Messenger is one of the requirements to be a Muslim.

    About the third question, I read that the Wahabis are allowed temporary marriages and they have some fatwa which they claim is within the tenets of Islam. So some people want to become Wahabis and have temporary marriages for few months where they can take advantage of the girl then, divorce her. This is completey unislamic and immoral. This wasn’t done during the lifetime of the Prophet(pbuh). Marriage is sacred bond in Islam it is not something temporary.Allah knows what is within hearts. Do they think they can get away with temporary marriages?

    The only way to stay a true Muslim is to always ask this question. Did the Prophet(pbuh) do this?
    That always gives you a correct answer.

    If the Prophet(pbuh) did not do it or allow it. It is not Islam.

    I hope this helped you. Take care 🙂

    May Allah Guide All of us.

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  4. Very true 🙂
    I think the best way to create a change in society is to start with our family.
    If we have a family member claiming this sect or that sect. We should ask them :”Do you love Prophet Muhammed(pbuh)?”. The Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) did not have a sect and we are all muslim.
    Its true when there is difference of opinion it always leads to war and bloodshed.
    This has to stop. We should unite the Ummah and I think each one of us can contribute to our society to make this change.
    May Allah unite us all! Aameen!

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  5. Wa’alaikum salam, …
    Nice post! Nice topic! Same here, sister! I live in Indonesia, n I see many sects here. I don’t follow these. I have same thought with you, we are ONE UMMAH. I completely agree with your opinion! I had ever gotten the same question like that, “do you follow Syafi’i? Hanafi? Maliki or Hambali? ” I said they were great Ulamas, n I am Muslim. I follow sunnah Rasulullah. In a fact, madzhab is a sensitive issue here. Indonesia has forbidden Ahmadiyah, because it is not Islam. I heard n read that Ahmadiyah believe their imam (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) as a prophet. ( correct me please if I’m wrong!) He was from India, right? Thank you for sharing this topic, sis!’😊

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  6. Walaikum Asalam sis 🙂
    I did not know that this was present in Indonesia :/ . Thanks for sharing 🙂
    i dont know much about the Ahmadiyya sect, to be honest.
    May Allah Unite our Ummah and give us all hidayah!! Aameen

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  7. Salam sister thankyou for the great piece of knowledge. What the lady told you is completely wrong, these days people bend things as per their ease..
    Would it be OK if I ask you send me some links where I can read more about this shia sunni thing, I’d like to educate myself more on the subject..

    Hope you stay blessed, tc allah hafiz

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  8. Walaikum Asalam!! Most of my learning on this subject was during school.
    I found these sites maybe you will find it helpful

    I know these links do not provide much on the history.
    Maybe you can visit a local library. Books are way better than websites.
    Assalamu Alaikum!! Take care 🙂

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