Islam and Modern Science

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Assalamu Alaikum!! (May Peace Be Upon You)

I have noticed a new generation of atheists who treat Science as god, with many outspoken atheists fueling this movement.

It is understandable that to a thinking brain that their religion or beliefs seemed incompatible with modern science.

But, We as Muslims never had this issue. Our religion Islam gives the answers and also gives the answers to many things Science has still not discovered.

I could tell you everything but the list is very long:- The Big Bang Theory, Human Embryonic Development etc.

Please read in this link

Please comment if you want to know anything about Islam.

The below video also gives an insight into scientific miracles of the Quran. Please watch

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2 thoughts on “Islam and Modern Science

  1. Most of times Atheists have some emotional tragedy which makes them neglect God cox they are unable to comprehend, so they chose to disblief and make science their God. but Science can only tell us how something is made, but it will never tell us why it was made.

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  2. yes that is very true. But,now it is getting out of hand. Because the media in United States and Europe is always focusing on Islam in a bad way and this is leading to sooo much hate crime. And this hate crime against muslims is hardly getting reported!! Two weeks back in UK, a muslim man was stabbed. Last week, in US a newly wed Iraqi man was shot to death and there was this Chapel Hill Shooting and before that in UK a saudi sister was stabbed 16 times on her way to university!!.All this hate crime, it is our duty as Muslims to atleast tell them something about our religion so atleast they wont hate us.

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