Is Taqwa The Fear of Allah ?

Nalaik Panda

The most honorable of mankind if one having Taqwa. So what is Taqwa ? most of the times you will the word translated as ” Fear of Allah ” . But does word taqwa really mean fear of Allah ? if you do a little research you will find out  Arabic has the word for fear ,which is ” Khauf ” ,and you will find that word even in one of the shortest surah of the Quran ” Surah Quraish “. An homage to the scholars who did efforts and spent their time in translating Quran to Urdu, English and various languages, but the real beauty and concept is sometimes lost in the translation. For all our lives we grow up knowing Taqwa as Fear of Allah ,which is totally wrong. it gives us a concept of a Monster and Tyrant God from whom we should be afraid of. but…

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2 thoughts on “Is Taqwa The Fear of Allah ?

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