Women in Islam

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Assalamu Alaikum(May Peace Be Upon You)

Approximately, 1500 years ago , this was how society in Makkah was before Islam : a tribal rule with slavery.

The rich tribal society had slaves. The slaves had absolutely no rights. Torture of slaves was seen on the streets on a daily basis and no one had a say. The master could treat his slave however he pleased. Poor men and women were bought and sold like commodities.

Killing, Murder and Vengeance happened in broad daylight with no justice system whatsoever.

Women had no rights and the men could have as many as 15-20 wives (as many wives as they pleased). The wives were the property of men and they were treated like cattle.

Newborn baby girls were buried alive and their father’s would bury their head in grief if a baby girl was born.

This was Makkah before Islam. Actually…

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