A little something about a Muslim woman

Hi All!

I know it’s been a long time since I last blogged.I have been busy and I have my finals next week. But now to share my thoughts…

There are sooo many misconceptions about Islam and Muslim women that I decided to highlight in the coming few blogs..

As a covered and headscarf wearing Muslim woman myself I find it amazing that Muslim woman dresses generate sooo much controversy. I found why it is so from my non-muslim friend and she said she thinks we are oppressed!! That’s not true at all!! She asked me why I wear it? I said for dignity and respect. I could see she was shocked at my answer.Well, she was European. That was when I understood the need for Muslims to open up about their religion and share it ..otherwise people will never understand why we do certain things differently.

So, if you have any questions on Islam and Muslims, you can just comment on this blog and I will be more than happy to respond to you.

Now, to share something I felt personally.

I remember when I was not married and I was reading the Quran I just could not understand why the believing men get beautiful virgins in paradise and the believing women do not get something similar(I mean handsome males) apart from other luxuries that a women gets(being the most beautiful,breathtaking clothes,jewels etc.)

It was only after I got married(August 2014) I really understood the verse and was really in awe of God’s divine judgement. God created us and He knows better than anyone what men and women really want. That’s when I knew I do not want any other man other than my husband in paradise and as for my husband I always pray for him that he should get the most beautiful virgins.

This world is a test for the hereafter. What a man really wants is a beautiful woman and what a woman really wants is to be the most beautiful,and have flawless skin, hair and beauty, beautiful clothes, shoes, bags, perfume and jewelry(diamonds, gold, precious stones.)

So God promises that to his believing men and women that if they are good and true , they will get all that they desire for in the hereafter.

I also understood that why is God repeatedly promising beautiful women for men in the Quran, it is because the greatest weakness of men is a woman and He promises this to men who do not commit adultery and are good and kind to their wives etc.

That is why we Muslim women pray for our husbands to get these beautiful women because they are sooo good,kind and faithful and the most amazing husbands ever. Alhamdulillah!!(All Praise Be To God)

That’s all for this blog!

Good night!

Assalamu Alaikum!(May Peace Be On You)


10 thoughts on “A little something about a Muslim woman

  1. Thank you noorjaved, I am l learning so much about Islam from you.

    Your reply to me (on another blog) made me wonder even more about what I asked before concerning what you perceived the relationship between man and God was to be. You explained in your answer about your hopes to meet the Creator face to face and that is indeed an exciting prospect. But what I wonder about, especially after you say that you don’t believe God has any need for a Son or offspring, is what DO you think God needs or wants? Your answer implies that He has no needs at all and if that is the case, I would wonder why he even bothered with creation.

    A relationship implies a two way exchange of value. I know the idea of God having unconditional love for us and requiring nothing of us is a popular idea in many religions. I have never been comfortable with that answer because if you carry that to its logical conclusion, it destroys any value to love. This is one of the first things I asked God about and unless I was hopelessly confused about his answer, he said that the reason he created us was that he wanted a most intimate and loving relationship with us. It is that that I look forward to. If I found that I was just an amusing and obedient robot who he had no real need for, my will to live would be gone and no number of beautiful virgins could restore it. And surely you would grow tired of gold and jewels in eternity.

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  2. Hi rwstacy!! I will try to explain to you as much as possible , God willing 🙂
    Allah is the Arabic word for God.
    In the Qur’an, God is mentioned in the most beautiful of names. His Names will give you a full understanding of who God really is.There are 99 names mentioned in the Qur’an. I will mention a few of them: The Creator, The Bestower, The Most Loving, The Most Compassionate,The Most Merciful, The Most Kind, The Sovereign Lord,The Source of Peace,The Protector,The Mighty, The Majestic, The Fashioner, The Forgiver, The Provider, The All-Knowing, The Just, The All-Aware, The Protecting Friend, The Reckoner, The Giver of Life, The Creator of Death, The Self-Subsisting, The Eternal, The Unique, The One and many more names.
    God is The Creator and The Fashioner. He can create whatever He Wishes. He does not require His Creation but WE his creation need Him. Only God can give us Wealth and a Good Life. We need Him All His Creation needs Him. In the Qur’an , God says He is Free of All Need
    But, He is the Most Loving, The Most Kind , the Most Generous to His Creation. God says He divided Love/Mercy and He sent Only one part of it to His Creation and He has the remaining 99 parts. That one part He sent down to the earth is the Loving relationship between the mother and her offspring.
    In the Qur’an , God says He Loves us more than our mother. Just as a mother would not throw her baby into a fire. God hates to put his creation in Hell-fire. Even after all the evil happening in the world, God is Most Patient. Verily, He says in the Qur’an, He can destroy all of humanity in a single blast ( a second). But, He is very Patient. He is giving a lot of chances to his disbelieving creation.
    He wants us His Creation to believe in Him without taking any partners and follow His religion Islam.
    So, if you do not believe in God , you do God no favours. God does not ‘lose’ anything rather you are the loser.
    Believing in Him and being a righteous person is on you to save yourself from the Hellfire.
    We are the needy, God is free of all Need.
    Prophet Muhammed(peace be upon him) asked Angel Gabriel: ” I have never seen Angel Mikhail smile”. Angel Gabriel replied :” Mikhail has not smiled since Hell was created”.
    Truly, Hell is worst place to reside for eternity. It removed the smile and joy from an Angel’s face forever. That is how terrible it is.
    Saving your soul is your choice. I want to live and die as a Muslim. Life is hard as it is. I don’t want to take a risk and damn myself for eternity.
    I hope this helps you. It saddens me that Satan caused so many people to disbelieve.
    Allah says in the Qur’an that invite people in the way of Islam through kindness and good preaching. If you saved one person from Hellfire, it is as though you saved humanity.
    When the prophets came to their people and asked them to worship One God. It was said to them ” Believe in those that invite you to the Truth and ask from you no wages nor are they benefited from it.”
    So, dear brother I hope this benefits you and you make the right choice for yourself. 🙂
    Assalamu Alaikum!(Peace Be On You)
    May God Guide You!
    Please ask if you have anymore doubts, I will be more than happy to help you 🙂


  3. Thank you once again for your patience noorjaved, you seem like such a good listener that I thought you could tell that I was already passionately in love with God. But I have never been very good at expressing myself so it should not surprise me that you then ask me to merely believe in him.

    I envy you in your shared belief. You have a husband and millions of others who believe as you do. I have searched for many years for others who have the same understanding that I received of the Creator but have yet to meet them.
    Thank you for taking the time to teach me about Islam as I do not want to leave any stone unturned in my search.

    I wish you well in your studies at school and all of life and may you always be so happy.

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  4. Thank you :). May God Guide you in your search. I am not a scholar in my religion but I am sure if you visit a nearest mosque, there will be learned muslims to help you in your search.
    May God grant you all the goodness in this life and the Hereafter 🙂
    I wish you all the success and happiness. Take care. 🙂


  5. MashAllah, i have gone through the conversation and it is very informative. I have been a Muslim for close to 7 years now and i know that i queried myself on numerous occasions why we were created. it reminds me of the same questions the angels asked Allah when He created Adam, why He was doing so knowing fully well that Man will sin and disobey God.

    The answer revealed itself as i immersed myself into learning Islam and got to understand that Allah created us so we could worship Him and also as vicegerent on Earth.

    May Allah increase you all in knowledge and guidance.

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  6. Asalam Alaykum sister. Oh I also had no idea why men will get virgin women in Jannah but your article enlightened me. I am happy to have discovered your blog.

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  7. Following such discussions as these are very insightful. We in the West know so little about the true beliefs of Islam because of the bad people. I don’t think God/Allah condones the actions of the bad people. Thanks visit my blog. I hope you will enjoy the cartoons.

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