A little bit of everything

Hi Everyone!

So I am free again, my submissions for this week are done(uni stuff). I have, though three submissions to finish before Dec 12.

So for my thoughts..it’s nice to write ..I learn like new things everyday . Life is a everyday learning process. Like an adventure..you can wake up in the morning and think. Oh no!Another boring day!!

Or you can wake up and say “Thank God! I am alive. Another day filled with little surprises. So at the end of the day you can thank God I have a roof over my head and a full stomach that is more than enough”.

I think this should be a reminder to myself first “Take everything in a positive spirit and everything happens due to God’s decree. And it’s His Decree!! So Alhamdulillah!!”

So for my thoughts on Atheism..

I really cannot understand it. How can you 100% say there is no God?!!. I mean there is sooo much that humans are still discovering and there is sooo much unknown.But, I think it is better to ponder over these questions.

Why was all this created(universe, world)?
Why was I created?
What is the reason of my existence?
So, what is life?? I just live and die!
Why do we die?
What happens?
What is the meaning of all this?

These questions are enough to drive anybody insane!! To satisfy these..there are people who pursue this need. They have everything but, they are still unhappy..unsatisfied..a emptiness that nothing can fill…they try everything…
partying and drinking …happy at the moment…but miserable the next morning
listening all day to music…but miserable when the music is shut off
desire of all wordly things pursued and pursued but not fully satisfied..

Ask yourself this question…Are you content..fully 100% content when you sleep at night??

But, the answer is you will never fully be content until you know the answers to all those questions. you will always have raging doubts in your head.

But, you know what there are people who found answers to those questions, who live life in peace and contentment and those are the people who are constantly attacked by the media, by every ignorant person, by governments etc.

Not, a day goes by when they are in the news always attacked for their beliefs and their way of life.

And you know what, the truth is always bitter and hard to digest. But it is the truth.

We follow the Abrahamic faith – Islamic Monotheism. We believe in One God.

We believe in all the Prophets of God: Adam, Noah,Moses , Jesus etc…and Muhammed(May Peace Be Upon Them All).

We believe in all the Books sent by God(the Zabur,the Psalms,the Injeel,the Quran)

We believe in Angels and the Last Day

We believe in Fate – good and evil.

There is sooo much I don’t know but the one thing I do know is that this is the Truth. I will hold on to it forever and always.

Bye everyone.

Love you all.

Good night ❤


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