A little something

Hi everyone!

I am new to all this blogging. Well, the reason I started this is not because I was bored 😉 ( I am a MSc Electronic Engineering student and I have two presentations to give next week..pls pray for me).

Anyway, the other day me and my husband had an intellectual conversation after watching the new movie INTERSTELLAR  and he said why I don’t write or blog. I said I am not interested in such things cuz that requires a lot of patience and I applaud authors for having sooo much patience writing a 1000+page fiction etc.

So my blogs will be short and to the point.

Well , the reason I started this after my husband said and later a friend advised me to look at her make-up blog ..I still was not interested . But , today I cracked I saw some videos on youtube regarding the views of Richard Dawkins and I felt this was the best way to vent my feelings and views.

Well, Firstly , my views on the movie Interstellar.(Great movie..nice effects…Good job director!!)
I know it’s just a movie but I still would like to point out the flaws.

What I really could’nt digest was the fact that the director made it seem that you will not age when you go far into the universe. But, aging is in your genes!!! I may be wrong . But, yeah it is complex.

Secondly, Time as being there physically three -dimensional or five dimentional in the universe in a blackhole where u can give messages to the past. Seems highly absurd!(anyway just a movie, like they say ‘going to watch a bollywood film? Leave your brain outside the cinema’)

Thirdly, the final baseball match and the ball goes through an upside down house!!( all gravity laws forgotten) and the roundness!! For God sake, if you are present in a very large spherical area , you cannot perceive your surroundings to be round!! Like we on Earth cannot see the roundness when we are walking down the street.

I think that is all for today.


Love you all

More on my views later…


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